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Xin Yuan Nails Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of all kinds nails in China with assets of 4 million USD cover an area of 8000 square meters and employ 80 people operate more than 200 sets of advanced nail making equipment and will have 500 sets in the next three years. Including: wire drawing heat treatment auto Galvanized nail production auto pin and staple nail making machines bolt screwing machine.
Our mainly products include: Roofing nails Iron Panel Pin Common nails Concrete steel nails Umbrella head Roofing Nails Clout nail Galvanized Concrete Nail Black Steel Concrete nail Shoe tacks Steel strapping tape Galvanized wire black wire .
Our factory can produce 25 tons of nails every day and if with other wire products the quantity can over 15000 tons every year.
OEM order is accepted in our factory.
To do worldwide business make friends with all the people we are adhering to the Honest Earnest Efficient Good faith Continuous Improvement whatever problems and difficulty we face and we will be advanced with you hand in hand to create the brilliant tomorrow.

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Location:Room 801 No. 30 Qutangxia Road Shinan District Qingdao City